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Almost 40 Years Later (40年後)

Almost 40 Years Later (40年後)

Every time I go back to Japan at an average rate of once a year, there are new highways, new subway line or new high-rise, etc. and I always have to reorient myself as I navigate the cities.

My hometown, Yokohama, has changed so much since I left in 1982 it looks like a totally different city compared to what it was back then.

Still there are certain places and things still staying the same, which I’m selfishly holding onto for my own nostalgia’s sake.

Yamate Jubankan is a French restaurant on the bluff, opened in 1967.  Together with the Yokohama Foreign General Cemetery (外人墓地)across the street, this is one of a popular sight seeing spots in Yokohama, which both signified the historical transformation of a sleepy fishing village into an international port city becoming a gateway for much of the Western culture into Japan after 250 years of isolation from the world.

My grandparents visited the restaurant shortly after its opening and had a picture taken in front. I discovered the photo when I was going through my fathers belongings after he passed away. So almost 40 years after the photo was taken, my husband, Kenny and I went back and got ours taken.  They look strikingly unchanged!


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