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I have been away from Japan so long that my “Japanese common sense” must be at least a bit off.

Last time I was in Japan I noticed a big sign at a subway station, “Women Only(女性専用車) “  on the platform indicating where the train car for women only stops.   I figure this is a good thing as apparently those perverts who grope women in sardine packed trains are still prevalent and these “women only” cars are to protect women, right?

Meanwhile, I have also seen parking spots in some parking structure at a department store in Yokohama marked, “Ladies Only”.  The few spots marked as such were wider than others and located near the walkway bride connected to the store building.  Does this mean they (whoever they are) are saying women drivers need more space to park and can’t walk too far?  Shouldn’t these spaces be marked rather as “handicapped” (although “handicapped” is also very P.IC)?  Or are they actually saying “ladies” are synonymous to “handicapped”?  Huh?


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