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On Kenny’s first trip to Japan, I took him to meet a couple of good friends of mine. Upon arrival at their home, I pulled him into the powder room right in the foyer area (before my friends came out to greet us, mind you), pulled his pants down, sat him down on the toilet, and started pushing buttons. This was no ordinary toilet; it was the TOTO Washlet, equipped with a seat warmer and a high-tech mechanism to clean your behind after your business in the bathroom.

This was in 2000, and by then, Washlet and similar products were fairly well established in Japan; most of the modern homes and public establishments seemed to have it. But it was certainly a new thing for Kenny! The way it gives you control of the water temperature, the angle at which the water hits your behind, and even the dryer are all quite delightful, and I’m coveting one for my home in California. They have been sort of available through the local Japanese communities, but now TOTO has a beautiful showroom in West Hollywood with full services! http://www.washlet.com/

So, last year, I had an opportunity to go to Japan with a prominent sports agent on quite a lavish business trip. We were staying at the Four Seasons Hotel in Tokyo — not to mention being on the same floor as Bono, who was there for the African Conference. In my room I noticed a dainty little card on the bathroom vanity saying, “Don’t be afraid of our toilet.”


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