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I can’t stop watching Rachel Maddow on MSNBC these days.  So Rachel showed a clip of Japanese Financial Minister, Shoichi Nakagawa’s “performance” at the G7 press conference making some kind of uh,  utterance in slurpy Japanese, which I could hardly make out.  Even for non-Japanese speakers it was obvious, as Rachel put it, he was “hammered!”

He claims it was a combination of the antihistamine he took for his cold symptoms and the jetlag.  Really?  Not to mention he has been known for his drinking habit for quite some time.

He is apparently a good buddy of the increasingly unpopular current Prime Minister Aso, who initially tried to cover his butt but promptly asked him to resign once the media was all over the incident.

I haven’t been following Japanese politics much.  It’s too frustrating.  The “Liberal Democratic Party” that’s been occupying the majority for well over 50 years – although they’re definitely losing their ground –  is exactly the opposite of “liberal democratic.”    It’s a joke.  I don’t see much democracy in the way the Japanese government operates in contrast to what America did in the last election.

I thought Washington was getting pretty scary before Obama came along, but Japanese government is beyond scary.  It is embarrassing!

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