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These days I video-chat with my mother in Yokohama a couple of times a week.  She’s 80-years old but pretty savvy with computer considering.  She can do most basic tasks on her iMac like emailing and doing research on the Internet.  So we’ve been using iChat for quite some time now, but when we connected via video-chat for the first time almost two years ago, it was pretty sensational.  As I use my laptop, I get to walk around my apartment as we chat and show her what’s going on.  The best part is that she gets to talk to the grandkids, the kitties!

Well, the best part just changed last weekend.

I happened to call her on the iChat around my midnight, which was late afternoon for her.  As we started talking, my mother proceeded to exit frame and re-entered with a tea cup and a small tea pot in her hands, followed by a cup of “mizu yokan (水羊羹)“ − a jello-like sweet made with sweet beans.

Whenever I stay with her in Japan, we always have an afternoon snack together.  It’s usually a strong green tea (煎茶) and some type of Japanese sweets (和菓子).  I suppose it is my mother’s routine with or without me. I just caught her during that time the other day. She quite contently showed off the yokan while I drool on the other side of the computer screen.  She grinned and said, “Oh, I wish I could push this thing through the computer screen for you!  Haha…”

That was a sweet little moment I got to share with my mom of a favorite Japanese pastime thanks to video-chat.


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